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    Mr. and Mrs. Goat with their animated officiant // Photo by Inspired Wedding Studios How did you make your guests feel comfortable at your wedding? Include Your Officiant Do Your Research Wedding programs, as in, the physical objects distr

    Mr. and Mrs. Goat with their animated officiant // Photo by Inspired Wedding Studios

    How did you make your guests feel comfortable at your wedding?


    Include Your Officiant

    Do Your Research

    Wedding programs, as in, the physical objects distributed prior to the wedding ceremony, might not be super important for some people, but for us, they are key. I know what it feels like to be the person in church or temple who doesn’t know when to stand up, when to bow my head in silence, or when to say, “Amen,” so I know that it can be an uncomfortable experience to try to follow along. We have been working for months to draft the wording of our programs to explain each element of our wedding ceremony to our guests, and we plan to have them distributed during our cocktail hour so guests have plenty of time to look them over and familiarize themselves with what to expect.



    Once it is finished, we also plan to share the text of our program with our officiant several weeks in advance of our wedding. We have made it clear to him that accessibility is a priority for us,香港天下彩开奖结果习近平总书记指出:“不论处在什么发展水平, and we have asked that he include lots of explanatory information at each point during our ceremony. We have also asked that whenever he is using Hebrew in the ceremony to explain it in English as well. Additionally, we have requested that he include a statement at the beginning of our ceremony to acknowledge our different backgrounds and to invite our guests to participate in and learn from our ceremony. We hope that by taking these steps, all of our guests will feel welcome at our wedding.

    While Mr. T and I will both be Jewish at the time of our wedding, I was not raised Jewish and my family is not Jewish. Additionally, many of our friends are not Jewish, and of those who are, some may have never been to a Jewish wedding. Therefore, many of the traditions and customs we are including in our wedding, particularly the ceremony, will be unfamiliar to our guests. This is true with many couples’ weddings, and whether you choose to do things “by the book” or create your own modern customs, you might worry about helping your guests to understand them.

    Throughout the planning process, we have made an effort to ask close family members about what in our wedding is important to them. Asking for opinions or feedback can sometimes produce too many cooks in the kitchen, so I would advise only including key family members, like parents, siblings, and grandparents. You don’t need a formal survey, but you can start a conversation just by asking, “What was your favorite part of your own wedding?”

    While many elements may be novel to our guests, we still want them to feel comfortable and included, like the friends and family they are. As I know this is a challenge for many couples planning weddings,博彩开户免费送彩金, I wanted to share some wisdom we’ve acquired along the way for creating an “accessible” wedding—one that allows your guests to participate and learn.

    I’ve spoken a lot about this already, but Mr. Tractor and I have thoroughly researched many, many elements of a wedding, both traditional and nontraditional. Everything from ketubahs to garter tosses has been given intentional and careful consideration during our planning process. Officiants can be a great source of information and can recommend resources like books or websites to learn more.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clover at their mixed faith wedding // Photo by Caili Helsper


    I haven’t yet spoken about my day job here, but you may have noticed from my profile that I am an occupational therapist. One of the main areas in which we work is accessibility, often with regards to people with disabilities. When thinking about accessibility in this context, people often think about wheelchair ramps, handicapped parking spaces, or guide dogs. Many OTs (like me!) work in schools with children, and our main goal is to ensure that our clients’ classroom curriculum is made accessible to them. It might seem strange that I’m considering accessibility with regards to our wedding, but it’s a priority for us as we plan our day.

    Create an Accessible Program


    Mrs. Tractor

    Boston, MA
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